Sunday, November 02, 2008

AEDM Day 2: a work in progress

Soul Coaching Day 1:
The Level 1 Activity is: Assessing Your Life. Where am I in my life right now?
Health - Slightly over weight as I haven´t gone to the gym for almost a year. But, you know what? I don´t want to go to the gym and I won´t go (this sounded a bit as tossing th etoys out of the pram, lol!)
Relationships - love my family / working on getting stronger relationships with local friends (see Halloween party post) / getting to know more people on line (there are so many interesting peeps out there!)
Finances - World is going bust but we´ll get thru it. :)
Career - none to speak of
Creativity - I´m here. :D


misteejay said...

This looks interesting - can't wait to see it finished.

Toni :o)

Rita said...

This is a lovely page already! Love the flowers and the colors!

Leah said...

it's looking great already, paula!

Carol Cooper said...

Nice soothing colours, I like the way you have designed your flowers with a little twirl! Cheers :o)


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