Saturday, January 24, 2009

From all the angles

A bit windy to stay at the beach. I took the pic of the family and the cruise on the background.
Then we rode up the hill. This is the spot where the Welsh first stayed when they arrived in Puerto Madryn. They excavated caves in the soft rock below the flag. You can go and visit them along a safe trail. There are little monuments and history plaques to guide you. Can you see the cruise down there on the right?
Driving back to the city centre we reached the deck. 
For lunch we had different types of fish at my favourite restaurant "Vernardino. Sea club"
If you click on the Playa {beach} link you will see exactly the table we took.


Anonymous said...

I like looking at pictures of you and your family. You look like a happy lot, and you have a pretty smile.

Fatma said...

I love coming here and feeling the warmth, sunshine and aliveness of your family.

Genie Sea said...

Your happy pictures make me happy! I finally posted your award :) Hugs! ♥ Love love love your addition to the Ola Moana writing team! I'm so excited. I added a graphic I made :)

Susan Wright said...

I am loving your holiday. I clicked on the link to see the table where you sat. How awesome is that! Glad you have a good time.


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