Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Have you noticed...

it´s already Tuesday and I´ve been AVOIDING answering the RISK taking stuff from the Secret #3: following your fascinations?
You have?

Ok, I lived my life by the book: nice girlie, well behaved, better grades in school during the whole secondary school, flag carrier, never into trouble, never smoked, never drank, got into Uni, got nice boyfriend from similar background. Smooth.

And then I discovered I loved knowing but not doing anything with that knowledge (which now that I think of it could summarize my life really). How did I discover that? Because Iwas studying Mechanical Engineering and an engine spit smoke in my face and we had to put our fingers in oil to distinguish the different types. Yuk. The solution: change my studies. That caused a mighty row with my dad. Well, not really a row. But he was quite pissed off with me. He considered education was the legacy he was leaving for me and following a traditional path was the way to go (I had already disappointed him by not following medice but I just could stomach it). For a semester I studied TWO different carrears: Engineering and Librarianship. At the end of it I showed him my report cards: from the three Engineering subjects I had taken I passed one in the last chance of the recovery exams because I kinda flirted with the proffesor´s assistant and from the eight Librarianship subjects ... all passed with ten ( the top grades) Was that a risk? Others would say so.

Fast forward to a National Gold medal, a scholarship to study management and do library management in a pro way (which was the hype at the time), marriage, work at the most popular newspaper in my country and ... a phone call the week we came back from our honey moon. Dh´s work decided to send him abroad for two/three years. We had till the following morning at 8am to make up our minds. On the spot I said YES. Was that a risk? To leave everything behind and cross the ocean? It was a HUGE adventure.

Fast forward: back home, have a son, get a house, have a daughter, get a car (learning to drive at 34 could be seen as taking a risk, getting my ears pierced the same year certainly was a brave step). Plain sailing. And then, yes, you knew it was coming. Dh decided to be the captain of his own life and considered leaving a plant manager job at an iternational firm for his own enterprise. Ok., lovey, here we go! That was BIG.

And now ... what? 
After writing about all these, the risks I could be taking in an artist´s way pale. They don´t look like risks. 
Still I don´t know which direction I will be taking.


Kavindra said...

You flirted with your ta for a good grade? Oh my Paula!! You risque risk taker you. ;)

Genie Sea said...

Not knowing is half the fun! How does one flirt with a Mechanical Engineer? You know the amount of bad jokes I can come up with? A lot of them involve grease. ;) tee hee

Sacred Suzie said...

You have taken big risks! Wow, it takes courage to change paths and just jump and see. And it's been worth it, you have done so much.

Not knowing where your path is going is definitely the biggest risk but just keep going, you'll figure out where you're headed soon enough.

Thanks for the chicken soup idea! I have also cooked my chicken this way and it makes the best broth, you're right!

Melba said...

All that matters is what you feel!
I enjoyed reading about your life.


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