Tuesday, January 06, 2009

¡LLegaron los Reyes!

The three wise men are called the three magician kings in Spanish. They took 12 days after Jesus birth to finally reach Him and present their gifts at His feet.

Today, January 6th (the 12th day of Christmas) all the kids (and young at heart ;) ) that leave a pair of shoes (yes, sport shoes will do as you can see from the picture) outside their door will receive a gift.

¡Llegaron los Reyes! (The Kings have arrived!) is heard all over the country veeeeeery early in the morning. 


misteejay said...

That's lovely Paula, something for the children to look forward to after all the excitement of Christmas. Friends lived in Holland for a while and they had something similar BEFORE Christmas - Children leave their clogs/shoes out for St Nicholas to fill.

Toni :o)

Genie Sea said...

Well that's why I didn't get a gift yesterday! hehe

If I had left my shoes outside, they would have been buried in all the snow! :)


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