Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A new award!

I love this stuff. *blush*

Got the award from Tracey. Here´s the deal, with a slight re-wording of my own ;). Ok, a lot of re-wording but the esence is the same: 

1). Post a link of the person who gave you this award, thank profusely the love shown.  
2). Nominate 5 other fabulous people and give a link to their wonderful sites. Those persons deserve their coolness and gentleness to be recognized all over the world. 
3). Let your nominees know that they got an award from you. Shower them with appreciation.
4). Put a logo of the award on the side bar. Grin like a lunatic. Ask everybody in your household to have a look and celebrate together. Phone somebody you care about and tell them the news. Keep celebrating.

Tracey had the cool idea to give the award to her top 5 commenters, which is in the spirit of the award. This is to recognize the encouragement given and giving some encouragement back so the love keeps spreading. :)

My top commenters this week were:

Toni (misteejay) Oh, this girl can make stuff! Have a looksie at her boxes, way neat. She is always around her friends blogs with words of acknowledgement. 
Lisa (Kavindra) She has the ability to empathize and share her stories in your comments box and you nod and smile. 
Fatma a lady who can dream and encourage others to do so. 
Nancy ~waving hello to you girl~
Genie Sea is the Master Commenter Extraordinaire. I read a lot of blogs and each time I comment on one of the Next Chapter ones she has already been there, leaving her all to cheer people up / along. Way to go sweetie! Btw check her new project out: Ola! Moana

Thanks to those five and to all those who have ever commented here. I do appreciate the cyber camaraderie and it warms my soul to know you took the time to leave me some words. Thanks. Truly, deeply. :)


Genie Sea said...

You are such a sweetie! Thank you so much! I am in such good company :) I ♥ you! :)

misteejay said...

Oh Paula, thank you for your kind words and for sharing this.

I'll sort this out when I get home from work.

Hope you are continuing to enjoy your holiday.

Toni :o)

Unknown said...

Paula, you made my day. I am jumping up and down and can hardly type. THANK YOU a bunch. My group will be coming in soon so I can show them how to plant their dreams. I will tell them about the award and we will dance around to celebrate! :)

Lisa said...

I AM grinning like a lunatic! (Uh oh, I haven't jumped around yet tho! Gotta start the jumping ...)

Thanks so much sweet one.


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