Monday, January 12, 2009

The official count down starts today & 12 secrets week 1

My aunt Odesa´s birthday marks the official start of our (that´s me and my son) birthday count down.

A month from now I will be 42 (shudder) and Matu 13 (a teen! eeeeeekkkkkk! lol!).

Now we have a net connection I can play catch up with the 12 secrets blog group.

Secret One: Acknowledging Your Creative Self

I´m really lucky Jamie wrote "Let's start by celebrating that simply by being here, by signing up and putting your name on the blogroll, you have acknowledged your creative self! You have stepped up and stepped in and said, yes, to your creativity". That took a lot of pressure off as I hadn´t been creative at all these past few days.

What about my childhood? 
I was an avid writer, filling up notebooks until my imagination was too detailed / big for words. I felt a movie would reflect all I had in my head better than a book. I never wrote stories again.
Drawings? No, I couldn´t reproduce neither what I saw in real life nor in my head.
Croos stitch. When we first arrived in the UK I saw some examples at Chester´s visitors centre. "I want to do that" I thought and bought a kids kit. If it was designed  for kids I was going to be able to do it too. ;) I worked on a lot of projects for me and as gifts. I stopped when we came back home. A dragon I was doing for Mati is still unfinished 12 years later.
Scrapbooking. It was great to find that what I had done for years had a name. :D I started doing it the "safe" way in 2001 and then went back to the "everything goes" way. Sometimes I compare my pages to other people´s pages and find them lacking. Lack of visual weight, lack of trendy stuff, lack of comments, lack of creativity in the design, lots of lacks. Some days I quite like my pages. Some days I don´t.
Photography. I only do automatic settings. A bit of pre settings with the Panasonic as it has a lot of them. I don´t take it seriously although I take a ton of pics (Happysnappy ;) ) and other moms ask for my pics from school plays as my Canon is the only camera able to take good pics in low light conditions.

I was very hopeful of my creativity / energy in 2009. Notice the use of "was". Somehow I have lost track of it and I´m trying to get back in the groove.

Talking about pics, a couple from today:


Fatma said...

The 12 secrets will get you into the groove again. Then you can make a movie: Paula got back her Groove! :)

Stunning pictures of you. Love the sand and the turqoise color. Missing the sun up here.

Kavindra said...

Oh I love Fatma's idea! She's absolutely right. (and now I forget what I was even going to say!)

misteejay said...

Looks like you are having fab weather - pretty grotty here but at least we now have a CC to look forward to on 6/7/8 Feb - registrations are taking place as we speak.

Toni :)

Nancy said...

OOOOOO you are making me jealous with your vacation photos, I so want to be somewhere warm and out of this snow.

And your still way younger than me....I turn the big 50 this year. OUCH.

Belle said...

Reading your post, I'm seeing how creativity surrounds you, has always. I know you WILL find that groove again, because your creativity is there, it hasn't left. That's something I've been learning, that creativity is always there for me. It's faithful, and ready when I am!

And those are gorgeous pictures!

Jamie Ridler said...

Yes, Paula gets her groove back! I feel like we should be playing some tunes!

And heck there's still hundreds of days to get creative in 2009 :)


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