Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My life in four colours

Honey, I´m hoooome! 

As usual we hit the floor running.

As soon as we arrived at 1.30pm dh got the suitcases out of the car and off he went to work. I swept the floors and opened said suitcases in the middle of the living room and sorted all the clothes by colours while I let the water run from all taps (pipes tend to rust if unused for some weeks). That way I had the laundry organized as the clothes were put in plastic bags ready to be washed by colour when their turn comes. By the time dh came back the suitcases were already in the attic, not a dirty shirt in sight and the house worked as if we had never left. *smug grin*

Time to ...ermmm... organize my time:

I´ve got an appt. diary and one "what really happened" diary. I bought a new blue pen for the trip and I was tempted to buy another four colours in the same line. I left the pink one out as I will use it in the second diary to keep track of the read books. For my "this is the general plan, it might work ... or not" diary I will use four colours.
Blue for everyday things (house chores, shopping lists, regular time schedules, surfing plans, bla, bla, bla)  
Green for challenges and dead lines (like the UKS weekly challenges / cyber crops or Leah´s word of the month)
Black for appt (doctors, school meetings, whatever is a one off with a day and time)
Red for visits and trips.


misteejay said...

Wow, you are far too organised Paula LOL

Glad you had a fab holiday...the pics have been great to look at as we are in the middle of very cold, wet, snowy, yucky weather.

Toni :o)

Genie Sea said...

Well look at you, abuzz with organization and creativity! That vacation did wonders :)

Julia Dunnit said...

You've won another award! Please visit my blog..

my5bratz said...

WOW you are soooooooo organised :0)

congrats on the award, great blog :0)


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