Saturday, April 18, 2009

What I´ve been working on

Please excuse the glare on the picture. I forgot to remove the page protector.

This is an experiment with colour for Leah´s project.
It is not exactly what I had envisioned because:
1) The black pencil I chose was too soft and it bled all over the place
2) You can notice where I hesitated with the lines. They are kind of curvy instead of straight.

The good thing is that I didn´t discard the whole thing as "unworthy". 
I kept going to commit as many mistakes as possible on this one so the next would be better. :D I won´t add the "good" stuff on it. No fabric flowers, brads or buttons on this one. Might add some paper punchies. Another option could be doing in with papers.

Today I was asked to take pics of a birthday party. The mom phoned me because she was going to be too busy working to take the pics. It´s an honour to be trusted with her memories. :) And hard work too. Four hours running around the club. 


Serena said...

All steps in the learning process are worthy and I think you did very well, Paula. I like all the varied waviness in the lines.

How nice that you have been entrusted to snap some loving memories for someone'll do just fine ~ :)

love, light and peace,

Nancy said...

Have fun taking the photos. I lalways get nervous of taking photos for someone else. But since doing a wedding and a few parties I feel just a slight better.
I'm sure you will do great, all your photos always look great.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, in the new photos I can really see how much your kids look like you, especially your daughter.

Genie Sea said...

I like how you went ahead with it anyway despite "mistakes"!

Happysnappy good! :)

Tracey said...

Ooooooh I like the way it turned out, and bravo for not adding anything further, good luck with the photos, although I know you don't need the luck, your photos are superb and you are right - it is an honour to be entrusted with someones memories XXX

tammy vitale said...

When I came over to read today's post - 11/27 - my eye was immediately drawn to this: I think it is wonderful! Lots of movemnet! don't know what you were aiming at, but what I see I Like alot!


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