Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eight hours

That´s how long our lunch lasted. Lol!

Francisco (on the left) is a fabrics supplier for dh´s (on the right) blinds factory. He is very funny and has loads of anecdotes from all over the world. He lives in Germany and travels a lot both for business and holidays.

We started by a "picada", a traditional thing for Argentinian Sunday lunches. Several types of hams and cheeses with chips, peanuts, olives and other salty snacks. This is usually served with Martini, either white or rosso.

While you eat all that the fire is getting ready. "Choripán" is what you have first, a meat sausage sandwich, made with short baguettes. Lunch consisted in "asado" which is meat with rib bones and "vacío", meat without bones. Also morcilla and chinchulín (innards that I need to look up in the dictionary later). The lettuce and tomato salad is the most typical side dish, I added rice and egg salad and cucumber salad which is dd´s favourite.

Chocolate cake with cream and strawberries courtesy of my mil (both mil and fil came for lunch) for desset.

Want to peruse some fabric catalogues? Coffee and sweet cookies are just the right choice then.

Half past seven? Still at the table? Let´s bring some early night snacks.


misteejay said...

If the food and company were good then it doesn't matter how long LOL It is great to be able to spend time just enjoying the moment.

Toni :o)

Brandi said...

*sigh* those are my favorite sort of lunches. Loungy and lazy and comfortable and fun and surrounded by family and friends and conversation. I don't get enough of them-thanks for letting me live vicariously through you!!!

miss*R said...

I love long lunches.. yours sounds fantastic..


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