Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hey, Dolly! It´s finished!

My friend Karen aka Scrapdolly has started her own bathroom a few days ago and she worried about our horror stories plus some glitches and problems of her own. This post is to tell her to hang on. Yours will be finished soon too Dolly! :)

This was my bathroom a month ago. All black, just as it was designed a gazillion years ago. After 12 years we had stopped noticing. Today I looked for the "before" shot and winced when I found it.
After a hundred and one anecdotes, some told here, it´s almost finished. Only a few details are missing, just because we are kind of ... picky. Lol! :D
Modern, innit? :)


Kavindra said...

Ooh it is gorgeous - bright, and I love the shower tile too.

Hope you feel like it was "worth" all the aggravation. Soon you won't remember that part, just your shiny new spa ;)

Scrapdolly said...

It is soooooooooo gorgeous and elegant and totally worth the hell
It looks beautiful.

Thank you for all your encouragement with mine and I hope it looks half as fabulous as yours when finished.

Hopefully now you just love it and the weeks of hell have faded to a distant memeory.

misteejay said...

Paula it is beautiful. So glad it has all come together...well worth it (although it probably didn't seem like it whilst it was going on).

Toni :o)

kikipotamus said...

Modern, indeed! It has that spa feeling. I am like you,...picky and I like to take my time selecting pieces.

Tracey said...

wow it sure was worth all the headaches - it looks lush - well done you XXX


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