Thursday, August 06, 2009

Making room for ...

Lol! When the pipes burst, we decided to redo the bathroom and change Mati´s room at the same time.He was using the room which used to be Dan´s office and still had his choice of green carpet, muted colours wallpaper and framed pictures. Here´s a picture of July 2008. Kind of serious and a bit crowded with his bed and the sofa bed that was already there.
Now we are starting over.
We took the sofa upstairs and named him Ryan, after the "Saving Private Ryan" movie title as we had been considering another destiny for him. ;)
Mati chose ... don´t look now Tracey... orange for his walls. We agreeed on an orange juice orange for two walls and an orange mousse colour for the other two. Of course he chose an orange carpet.
Still a lot of work to be done: white rails, fan, new light fixtures and a gold rampant lion painted on his main wall. Yes, you read it right. My son wants a gold rampant lion on his wall.
We are all working on this together to bring the space of his dreams to life. :)


Deldino said...

As Paula wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

Kavindra said...

Yes! What a great mom you are letting him express himself completely too.

As Paula wishes for Mati and herself, so I wish for them as well. Orange and lions and all.

(And don't worry, I do not plan on taking up peeing on the carpet, at least not until I am a bit older...)

(And I never saw Saving Private Ryan, and I am now sitting here wondering if this means you are going to detonate the old sofa or something equally wild?)

(And thank you for the chocolate, my rear end wasn't quite big enough til you stopped by with more chocolate!)

(And isn't this becoming the longest comment in the history of blogging? I don't even really have anything to say!)

Girlie-Queue said...

Aweee man! How beautiful! :) Please tell your son, he was *wicked-cool* for choosing orange &&&& A LION TOO??? HOw Awesome! :)(my favorite color and one of my favorite animals! hehehe)

Aw love, how awesome to have you for a MOM! As Paula wishes for herself, so too do I wish for Paula and totally applaud her "cool mom-ness" :)

misteejay said...

I'm sure he is going to love it when it is all finished.

Toni :o)

Jamie Ridler said...

As Paula wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

I love that orange! Delicious!

KnittingJourneyman said...

As Paula wishes for herself, I so wish for her as well....

Rebekah said...

As Paula wishes for herself and her family, so I wish for them also!

I really like the colors, I have to say. They work well together. :)

Tracey said...

LOL, well aversion aside I think it is looking pretty damn cool (I can't believe I really said that lol) I think it brilliant that you are allowing Mati his freedom of choice, albeit orange !!! Can't wait to see the rampant lion - are you painting that yourself ? and is a rampant lion different to a normal lion? (probably the sillest question ever but I wondered if I was missing something lol)Happy weekend honey, take care XXX

miss*R said...

your home is so bright! Love the colours..and teenagedom... my baby just moved out of it.. she turned 20 on August 9


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