Monday, August 17, 2009

A note on our family tree

There were many really young ones at the party yesterday. Some of Meli´s family (that is my cousin´s wife) and many friends their age. Mati was the only teenager.

Now a bit of family tree here. My mom is the middle child out of eight. There is a 18 year gap between the oldest child and the youngest, so us cousins vary in age too. The oldest daughter of my oldest cousin (oldest son of the aunt that is only 2 years older than mom) is 22. The daughter of my youngest cousin (youngest son of the youngest brother) is 1. Yups, that´s Victoria.

In my dh´s family, the oldest child of my kids generation will be 18 years old next month and the youngest will be born this week. This girl is the only "real cousin", the daughter of my brother in law. The whole family calls all of our cousin´s kids "cousins".


Kavindra said...

Wow what a big family! That's really lovely, must be where you get your bigheartedness from, having to love SO many people ;)

or wait, that's worded wrong ... having so many people to love (and who love you too.)

misteejay said...

How wonderful to be part of such a large family.

Toni :o)


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