Saturday, October 03, 2009


Today is Tatiana´s first communion.

To be able to share the ceremony with her I went to confession
(or reconciliation as it is called nowadays) for the first time in ... 16 years. *shock*

It took a bit of courage and a lot of rehearsal of my "speech" to face the truth of what I had done wrong (on purpose or accidentaly) for 16 years.

It took some time remembering, re-considering, jotting down events.

Talk about working with Truth this week! :D


Genie Sea said...

I love that it is called Reconciliation now. A witness session of coming to terms with our truths. There seems to be less judgment in the word and more acceptance. ♥ :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Genie. I like that it's now called Reconciliation. Truth can be a mind blower at times.

Ellecubed said...

Thank you for sharing your journey with truth. I think it is great that you used reconciliation to come to terms with your truth.

Karen D said...

Thanks for sharing your truth!

Tracey said...

Reconciliation seems a much better word, I am not sure whether congratulations is the right word for Tati, sorry I am a little ignorant of these things, regardless, love and best wishes for all of you XXX

Grammy said...

Wow, I have not been to confession in many years.

Anonymous said...

I have never been to either confession or Reconciliation, but have often wondered what I would say if I did. Congratulations to Tati!

Serena said...

I hope Tatiana's first communion went beautifully, Paula.

I still remember mine and still have my first communion and confirmation certificates.


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