Sunday, November 15, 2009

AEDM 2009: DAY 15 + UKScrappers cyber crop

Just like yesterday the theme of the crop is the Wizard of Oz, so I staged my layouts with Tati´s "ruby" slippers and a yellow road. :DChallenge 3: Scarecrow: sew on a layout about an achievement/something that made you proud. At "36" I got my ears pierced and learnt how to drive.

Challenge 5 Tin Man: a page with hearts and something metal. I had had these pictures for over a year and today they just clicked. :)
Challenge 8: Good witch / Bad witch. Me and my shadow. :D
Challenge 9: Popular. Chocolate cake is a favourite!
Class 4: Pay no attention to the man behind curtain. Shimelle´s class took me over two hours, almost three to complete! see all those patterns. They need to match and then got to be measured, cut and glued!!!
Class; Dream, etc. Bil &B Sil at Easter. Sketch based class.


Rachel said...

such beautiful work! I'm always impressed at how you can extend a theme in your art work so well.

Jennifer said...

I like these Paula!

misteejay said...

Lovely work Paula.

With regard to your question about the paper flowers - I think it must be me LOL cos I described the method to someone today and they made a perfect flower.

Toni :o)

Leah said...

what a fun theme for your pages! i love the scarecrow one especially!

Jen* said...

I love the good witch bad witch layout!! It is cool to embrace our shadows.

Apple said...

Cute work!! I really like your blog!


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