Tuesday, November 17, 2009

AEDM 2009: DAY 17

Poor old art journal didn´t get any lovingto day. Shame.

But I finished a layout I should have done ... 5 years ago!
How´s that for procastinating? :D
Maru had her child back in 2004. As her oldest daughter and Tati were Kindergarten classmates then I offered her a baby album. She gave me several pics a month until MA was 4 months old. At that point the classes finished and thegirls went to different Primary schools. We´d meet from time to time and she´d always say she´d give me more pics. Finally I told her I´d do the pages from 4 months till 12 months and she´d add the pics herself. Perfect. The album stayed at home for three more years until today.
Maru phoned me because she needed MA´s nursery pictures for school (one of those Who is this baby? projects), so I finished the title page for her album.
I like stories with happy endings. :D

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