Friday, November 20, 2009

The Joy diet: week 10

Yay!, I thought. Chapter #9 is Connection. I got it down.
Easy, right?
First because it is not only connecting which I do naturally, but connecting with requirements.
*Connecting from a place of stillnes in this life at Internet speed is not an easy task. I´m on go, go, go most of the time. Specially this week with different projects going on at the same time. And I´m not talking only about Internet connection, my 3D life is fast paced too.
*Truth must be honoured. Today I watched a video at bubbly girl´s blog. It is totally worth the 16 minutes, go watch it. :) It is about validation. I tend to do that without thinking but sometimes ... I need to think. I need to give it some thought to find something nice to say, specially when the first instinct is to just run away in the oppposite direction. Who was talking about "gut feelings" today? LaWendula was.
(Side note, you may have noticed it is the first time I´m writing the post on Friday morning, so I write as it comes. It reads as if I´m talking to myself, going around looking for things, which is actually what I´m doing. Lol!)
*Haven´t got a clue what our Desires´s got to do with the process of connecting.
*I see Creativity as a way to get our connections "staged"

Second because I´m an "all or nothing" type and of course I went into connection overdrive. Being as empathic as I am, connecting that much and that deeply might be energy zapping. That means something has got to give, then I tend to go to "let everything go" extreme.

I´m working on regaining balance before that happens as I also got some cool connections going. For example, people I met at UKScrappers cybercrop. I´m specially talking about Rachel´s class. I loved it so much I used her sketch twice and was so full of bubbly "I looooove this" that I wrote to her. Thankfully she didn´t treat me as a stalker (which I sounde like in my enthusiasm) and she gracefully answered my messages.

Also some cool people I met at Art Every Day. I slipped a bit there, not visiting as much because I was connecting to my Neo friends and the book tribe, and the wish casters , and the moms from school, and ... you get the idea. ;)


valariebudayr said...

Hi Paula,
I hadn't thought about the fact that Martha wanted us to make connections via requirements. Requirements or not you made some great connections this week with your scrappers. Sounds like big fun. Here's to our last week on the diet. Take care.

Ginny said...

When I read your statement "connections with requirements" I finally realized why I did not really connect with this chapter. I want to connect out of love and because the connection feels right. If I am having problems with a connection, then the steps that Martha suggests might help me to see if the connection is worth keeping. Thank you for helping me to see why I had some difficulty with this chapter.

Lawendula said...

Inspiring post as always. I saw this video on bubblegirl's blog too and I was crying, it was such a treasure! Great! And so much about connecting.
So feel a big hug (this is connection too!) from a friend far away! :) Great week to you!

Lisa @sacred circle said...

Yes, I can relate so much to what you said about the requirements... although really, it's just about slowing down and being deeply present... a feat that so many of us tend to take for granted. Here's to mastering the art of connection! :)

Grammy said...

Hi Paula, I didn't realizer you were a scrap booker too. I just recently started digital scrapping. Have a great week.

kikipotamus said...

Oh, yeah, that's a great video. I watched it earlier this year. This book you all are reading sounds interesting.

Beverley Baird said...

Lots of great thinking and feeling about this chapter in your post.
I haven't been great about doing what Beck wants - but I am doing more thinking.
Thanks for stopping by.

Rachel said...

Balance is forever a struggle for those who care a lot about many people and many things. I wish you well!

gina said...

Wow! Sounds like you are managing to connect with many people in different ways. You are right about slowing down and is important to step back and breathe. I am enjoying meeting new people in this book group--these new connections are fun. Hope you enjoy the feasting chapter.

Me encanta su pais--es muy lindo y me fascina la cultura. He viajado a Argentina dos veces. Vivian ustedes en la cuidad?

Helen said...

We're almost to the finish line -- and there's definitely some good food for thought in this Joy Diet, even if some of the ideas rub us the wrong way. It has been wonderful to connect with new blog friends. May your week of feasting be joyful!

Taniwha said...

Hey chick! I enjoyed talking to you too hun, I liked the 'connection' we made! Glad you liked the class and the sketches and I will email and say hello soon :) Hugs, Rach xXx


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