Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Advent Day 1

Yay!!! My advent calendar took it´s place of honour on the matelpiece. We added a little Santa, based on Debbie´s idea of the season helper. :) I couldn´t find an elf that I liked (some were way too scary) so I chose a Santa. As a matter of fact he´s been named the orphan Santa because he was missing the ladder he was supposed to be sitting on and he was going to be discarded if we didn´t do anything about it. We all knew he was The One as soon as we set eyes on him.

Now Art Every Day Month is over, it is time to rest a bit, isn´t it?
Well, ... no. :D
I went and joined another cool project: December view. A bit like Ali Edward´s December Daily pages but in just pictures.
And I want to keep going with the crafting. And I want to feel the joy of the season... so I will be posting our advent crafting joy of the season pictures. :D

And a bit of a summer picture to boot today. Ds playing in his DS, enjoying his summer holidays. :) Part of our December life.


rachel said...

summer holidays in december....wow...i can't imagine! I've never left my northern hemisphere ;)

misteejay said...

Oh my, we have the heating on...winter coats in use and thick woollens.

Happy Advent crafting Paula.

Toni :o)


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