Saturday, December 05, 2009

Advent Day 5

December view: it finally stopped raining! Dh cutting our backyard grass.

Advent crafting: more cookies! Ok, so by now you know our favourite activity. :D This time one of Tati´s little friends came to play with us. She has come home to bake Christmas cookies for three years in a row. :D

Another anecdote about last night:
after the concert I gave dh and our ds some chewing gum to settle their ears.

I left them behind to go talk to the security man to ask about El cuarteto de nos signing our cd. Ds approached me, touched my arm and without looking fully towards him I took the chewing gum paper he gave me. Typical, you know. Moms become trash cans and jacket holders.

Only it wasn´t my son! *shock* When I got back to dh and Matu, I asked him if HE had given me the piece of white paper I had in my hand.

Guess what it was? An e-mail address!!! Somebody had tried to chat me up and I didn´t even noticed!


rachel said...

HA! great story :)

and....I love the long lovely green grass....ours is totally dead and just waiting to be blanketed in snow.

misteejay said...

Our grass seems to be a soggy mess at the moment...hate to think what it will be like when everything starts to feeze.

Toni :o)


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