Friday, January 08, 2010

What do you wish to explore?

Jamie´s question this week seems to have been written for us. *grin* We´ve been exploring a lot around Las Leñas, Mendoza, Argentina. Cascada Manqui Malal. Yes, I stood UNDER the waterfall after this picture was taken. *grin* The path was rocky but easy and totally worth it. Picture of the day for Jan 5th.
See the eternal snow at the back? It is mentioned in patriotic songs about San Martín crossing the Andes to free other countries after our own and it sounded so romantic. Snow that never melts. There you have it. See more of it here.
Ancient Nautilus shells, engraved in the rocks. There are many fosiles here in this area.
Exploring the cave at the top of the cascade. Tati says the place was energetic and that it put her in a wonderful mood (lucky us ;) ). If you slid around to the other side of the cave you could almost touch the water.
La laguna de la niña encantada. The enchanted girl lake. It is hidden from the road. You´d never know there is a small lake there. It is full of trouts and teh water is so crystaline you can count them. :)


Tracey said...

The lake looks beautiful - what a find and such a pretty name too, wishing i was there lol XXX

Serena said...

I LOVE the colour of that lake! I wish I was exploring looks like fun ~ :)


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