Monday, March 01, 2010

Almost 365 project: February Mosaic

Upload Monday "Guapa" by La Oreja de Van Gogh.
Some slips again, therefore the "almost" 365 name of the project. *grin* I replaced those days with the title page from my birthday book.
1. Full Moon board (on it´s side, sorry)
2 Light a candle
3 Puzzles
4 Stationery. Getting ready for school
5 Avatar cinema tickets
6 We had a doggy guest
7 -
8 Upload Monday: Fame
9 Frank McCourt The professor
10 Candela with a ball
11 Presents ready for midnight
12 Blowing our candles
13 Teens sleeping
14 Dh with bike for his Sunday ride
15 Monday upload: 111 by Tiziano Ferro
16 -
17 Tati washing her backpack
18 -
19 Kids playing with Nintendo DS
20 Nora Robberts "The Morrigan´s cross"
21 -
22 Cleaning stuff
23 -
24 More presents
25 New tennis shoes for the kids
26 Frida taking the last rays of summer
27 Nora Garwood "Without a break"
28 Getting the pool empty


misteejay said...

Gosh you did well.

Toni :o)

miss*R said...

thanks so much for the love & hugs with my breast issues lately... I feel as if I am wrapped in a cocoon of love the world round xo


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