Saturday, May 01, 2010

Full Pink Moon Board

Kind of late as usual. ;)
This month is all about my to do list.
First find balance between the local life and the cyber one: my cross stitch dragon (loving every minute invested on it), the scrapbooking (choosing pics to print, it´s starting to move) and running (ooooooohhhhh, this oneeeeeee) plus my Facebook adventures, the forums and blogs and my own Happysnappy persona.
El deseo de ser = the wish to be
Have I told you the Sarah Key stickers are back in fashioon? Cooooooollllllll! ;) Lol!
The Beatles, my upload Mondays are working. I´m singing around again.
Some images / words that I liked. I never put strangers faces on my boards. They have no business there.

1 comment:

Jamie Ridler said...

Ooh, lots of creativity going on, Paula! And I love how you're so clear about how you make your boards.

It looks like we're on this running journey together. I have now officially gone running 4 times :)


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