Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Full Moon Board

My boards are on the smallish side and I keep them in a folder. After a year I have a whole "book" of what was in my head during that time. When I find a background image I like I add only a few selected bit and pieces.

Food is still going strong in my boards. I like using the latest issue of a magazine when making them so I have seasonal images. In the food case I have gone from the summery salads to the tasty stews. Yums. :D

Also clothes are usually pictured. I´m a bit more informal and with a dash of colour for June. Oh! I have no shoes this month. I wonder what I´m up to. Running shoes are there though.

My little monsters are playing at the back. With a sign that says "the world of beauty". My kind of humour.

A few references to body and art have found their way in.

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