Thursday, June 24, 2010

My own Art Journal

A few weeks ago I enroled in Connie´s Art Journal LOVE letters.

And then ... I did. :D

There are no small sketch noteboooks locally so I made my own. I bought some big paper, got it cut, covered the back cardstock with scrapbooking paper from both sides and added cute fluffy stickers. Of course all that took a couple of weeks. (Roll eyes at myself)
Today I had it binded at a local photocoping shop.
I also bought white Gesso, some adhesive that I´ve been told is like Mod Podge and acrylic Gel. No idea if it is what I was looking for but at least it has the name "gel".
I had more paper cut and binded. I chose landscape form for this one. I will be painting the covers ... some time. ;)
Things are moving and having taken the first step makes me happy.


misteejay said...

Cute journal Paula - the preparation is all important in these things.

Toni :o)

Helen said...

Here's to your happiness in moving forward with your creative wishes. Congrats on taking the steps! Enjoy your week!

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh my that is the cutest journal ever Paula! Nicely done! That would make me very happy too, way to go.

becky n said...

What fun to be getting yourself geared up for you new creative outlet. Love the way you made your own journals - I hadn't thought of taking it to one of those shops to have them bind it, but it's a great idea!

anna said...

Paula, isn't Connie great? I took her class earlier this year. Your art journal looks beautiful!

Ginny said...

Paula, I love your journal. I took the class too but didn't make my own journal. I think yours is great!! Have a wonderful week.


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