Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How BIG is your Littlest Pet Shop?

This BIG.

We (that is Tati & myself ;) ) love Littlest Pet Shop. We loose track of time while creating new set ups and making up stories.
With the 6 that she got for Kid´s Day from us (the lemonade stall set was soooooo cute), my mom (the bitten apple with the little worm inside made me laugh) and her uncle the grand total went up to 99.
Isn´t it an exciting number?


Sarah said...

Giggle ....us too...I have lost track of them. I love the little black cat in the pumpkin...and the horses...and the little bugs..and..well you know..too much fun!!! Thank you for the smile!
Hugs, Sarah

misteejay said...

It's lovely to have something to "share" like this...such fun.

Toni :o)


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