Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ready to party

Tati had a friend´s birthday. Doesn´t she look way older than 11?

Mati had his first 15th birthday party. His first time in a suit!

In the old days, girls wore their first long dress at 15. Today the parties for 15 year old girls are a bit like a wedding without the groom. Dress, cake, photographer, dinner for all her school friends and family, waltz with father, disco, carnaval carioca (Brazilian type music with fancy hats & noise makers provided at the party) and breakfast at around 6am


misteejay said...

Don't they both look fab...gosh they are growing up so fast - doesn't time fly.

Toni :o)

Serena said...

They both look great and so grown-up....yes, they sure do grow up fast these days ~ :)

Serena said...

Happy 15th Birthday to Mati!!


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