Thursday, September 16, 2010

Saying Thanks

On Wednesday I told you about Marja sending me a scrapbooking care package.
Thanks to her very generous help I scrapped for the first time this year!

A page about my son learning to play golf at my in laws garden with his uncle´s clubs. All the white bits (both alphabets, brads, tabs) and ribbon are from that package. I am putting them all to use. :) Thank you again Marja!
Twice this week I was told to write Thank you letters.

Then by Julia Cameron on exercise # 8 from The Sound of Paper.

What you see in the second picture are the materials for my Thank You cards. Although the original list had to be 5 cards long, I couldn´t stop so it´s getting longer by the minute. :D

It´s a lovely exercise ´cause it reminds us of all the good that surrounds us.


gina said...

How lovely of your friend to send you the scapbooking supplies -- the golf page came out great! And even better is the fact that you have so many cards to make and so many thanks to give. Have a wonderful weekend!

WrightStuff said...

There's definitely something extra special about handmade and written thank you cards. Something for the recipient to treasure too :)

Rose said...

I am struggling with this one, I think I might be thinking about it too much! I hope you enjoyed writing them!

Beverley Baird said...

Greatscrapbooking page! Special cards are a lovely way to say thanks!

Grammy said...

I love ur scrapbook page it gets addicting. I did mine digitally. It is good to see you again. Have a wonderful week.

Marja said...

Yay! So glad you are scrapping again and so pleased you are able to use the bits I send! I'll do another package one of these days seeing as it takes like 4 months to arrive, lol!!!

Now if only *I* could get myself back to scrapping!



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