Thursday, September 02, 2010

Upload Monday: A Chorus Line

Ooops, I did it again. ;) Posting my Upload Monday late. In my defense this was actually uploaded on Monday. I just never downloaded the picture.

My choice for this week: A Chorus Line, 1975 version.

I wanted some expansive singing this week (as in "top of your lungs" expansive). Like "I hope I get it", because there is hope I get the show on the road. Or like "I can do that", even though I have no sister (You are about to Google the lyrics, aren´t you? ). I´m glad to report "Dance: ten, Looks: three" doesn´t resonate with me as it did back in the eighties.

So your Full Moon board is late too, honey?
Welllllllll, my very linear train of thought needs the board to be at the beginning of the month.
The first asignment from The sound of paper: starting from scratch by Julia Cameron was to create a board from mag images. Sweet. I love my multitasking. :D
Shoes have been around my boards all year. Funny thing is I like how they look but I don´t actually buy that many shoes. Are they pointing to the grounding? To the fashion sense? The femeneity?
The state agents ad was used in an Internet sense: getting to visit that many homes from my own.
I was drawn to that desk with the dolls on the side and the very tidy containers on top. I think it is the stronger image of the lot.

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