Wednesday, November 10, 2010

AEDM 2010: Day 10 The dragon

One of my projects is to finish this dragon for Mati´s 15th birthday next February.
It seems very doable, taking into account the few white spots left.
Now add that I have been working on this since 1996 and you are allowed to doubt my goal. :D
Yes, you read right. I started the dragon for him when he was born.
It is quite a complex design, with many colours made out of two strands of two different colours, Each cross stitch thread has six strands. I must take one of those and mix it with another strand from another colour. The blending is cool.


Anne said...

What a lot of work! It's looking beautiful!

misteejay said...

Paula, it is coming along beautifully - I'm sure you'll achieve your goal.

Toni :o)

alisaz said...

What! That is awesome, seriously amazing piece of art! You got a few days left, I'm sure you can finish :)

pluckychickenheart said...

That is amazing! Your blending is really beautiful and skillfull.

tammy vitale said...

Needlepoint and beadworking is bad enough. I would totally be blind after this. I tried cross stich once. Once. And it was on afghan stitch with yarn not itty bitty embroidery thread. You ROCK!

Karen D said...

love this dragon Paula .. looking good

Kay Day said...

That is beautiful! I have several needlepoints I've started. I've never finished one in my life. :D

Your's is truly a work of art.

Claudine Intner said...

Wonderful dragon! It is very freeing when you finish projects that have been sitting around for a while.

giddy up said...

beautiful work!

esther a.k.a. craftyvox said...

Oh wow that DOES look like a complex piece but the final product is just stunning.

My granny used to cross-stitch and she has made most awesome ones. I have 3 of her works hanging in my house.

Unfortunately I lack the patience to cross-stitch myself, when I see lovely pieces like this one I sorta itch to do try it out (a simple small piece;)) myself again some time.


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