Friday, November 12, 2010

AEDM 2010: Day 12 Card

I am a scraps scrapper. I noticed the trend back in 2008. First a big 12x12 page, then a smaller one, then a card.
I used my
Prima papers for the Bonita layout and had some thin but long scraps.
This card will be given to Tati´s teacher tomorrow. She organized a coffee morning for kids and parents.
On other news: after the rain, we are having ice cream weather again. :) This is a new "model", it looks like a popular soda here called Fanta, which is orange flavour.
It is quite nice!! :D


Sandy Coleman said...

This card is so cute. I love working with buttons on cards. Very nice. :-)

Carol said...

I was reading your blog...Loved it! Your cards are beautiful, much prettier than store bought and much more thoughtful:)

misteejay said...

What a pretty card - you are so good using your scraps. I keep them but rarely get around to using them...naughty, aren't I.

Toni :o)

Jenny Blair said...

Love the colours you have used for your card. And yummmm, that ice-lolly looks delicious! We are having ice-lolly weather here too....cold enough to make them without a freezer!! :)

Sherry Lynn said...

Very pretty card, you do very good work. Your orangesicle looks yummy too.

Leah said...

love the tea cup on the card!

Jennifer Buck said...

Love this, Paula, it's ADORABLE! :) Thank you for sharing your talent! Hugs!

Serena said...

Beautiful card, Paula! Ice-blocks/creams are a perfect thing to have on those hot days.

Marie Young (Young Creative) said...

I love working with scraps too. I bring home old printer paper sample books from work to use in my card making.


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