Monday, November 15, 2010

AEDM 2010: Day 15 Half way there!!!

Hey Toni, my friend! You can see more scraps into action here. *giggle* No scrap is left behind at my place. :D Another card made out of scraps. This time belonging to yesterday´s layout.I was working with WR Memory Keepers papers which have four 6x6 designs on the back of each paper, so long scraps had two designs each. Looked cool on top of each other.
Another take on the same design by Jennifer Buck. It was originally a card which I supersized to 12x12 for a layout.

AEDM in numbers so far:
2 weeks
10 scrapbook layouts
5 cards
1 collage
countless cross stitching


Cindy Jones said...

Love your layouts and cards. The project you are doing in November is insprirational. Thank you for visiting my blog!

pluckychickenheart said...

Paula you are prolific! Do you sleep? :O) ..and can I tell you how everytime I click to your blog and I see your kids smiles my heart just explodes. They have the greatest energy!


miz katie said...

Happy half way mark! Party on!

misteejay said...

LOL at the intro to your post.

Your pieces this month have been fab - and there are so many. Well done on your achievement at the halfway point.

I am very good at saving my scraps but not so good at using them - think I will have to make a bigger effort.

Toni :o)

Carol said...

Your cards are beautiful:) YAY!!! 15 days:)


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