Wednesday, November 24, 2010

AEDM 2010: Day 24 Déjà Vu

* You may feel you recognize this CD case. No, I didn´t get the wrong case or posted the wrong picture. For this Monday´s (late) dowload I chose the 1° CD of the 2CD album: ABBA / The Definitive Collection. :) Last Monday I had downloaded the 2° CD.
* When I find a design that works for me I repeat it for different albums. Yesterday I posted "Autographs" for Mati´s Album. Today I used the same sketch (Pencil Lines #214) for Music.

* The pictures are for the same annual Music festival that I posted yesterday, only it´s 2009 version.

Quote of the day: "I have just as much right to spread my cheerful outlook as others have to spread their misery." by Kelly on her post Light Moments.


Evelyn said...

LOVE the bright colors on your layout!!

Carol said...

I really like those pretty flowers and pink is my favorite color:)

B @ Sweet Limes said...

I'm not a pink person at all but I still like this page heaps. I think it's because the combination of the flowered paper and the polka dots.

creativechai said...

Beautiful colours, and those flower designs really pop!

Evelyn said...

Very cheery.

Cindy Jones said...

Abba! Love Abba!


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