Monday, November 08, 2010

AEDM 2010: Day 8 Hot weather and music

It´s been kind of hot this weekend.

36°C deserves a bit of water for both cousins. In the picture taken this past Sunday my daughter Tatiana (11 years old) and my bil´s daughter V (1 year old). Their age difference is like mine with my favourite cousin. She was my doll in my childhood, my shadow in my teens and my great friend nowadays. She is also Mati´s godmother.

For my cd download this Monday, I chose my newest purchase: Funhouse tour by P!nk. I want to dance like her, aeroacrobatics included!
No, I haven´t tried acrobatics yet but I´m getting stronger with yoga and Pilates.

My art for the day: Bonita.
On Mother´s day 1997 my brother in law gave his mother a dog as a present. As she loves poetry I suggested my mil to call her Bonita (Pretty) which was Pablo Neruda´s home name according to an article on the paper that same day. :) Matias has always been very close to Boni and now they are both in their teens they still play like puppies. *heart*
Papers are The Breath Collection by Prima, K&Co tag and Thickers alpha stickers.


B @ Sweet Limes said...

That picture of the chase down with the hose is awesome!

ELLIE said...

it is always wonderful to see family no matter what the age difference enjoy being around each other - especially now a days when it seems families do not have time for each other....great pic of your newest lay out....!! Thanks for stopping by - take care

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

That's a lovely scrapbook page. It's fun to see how different the southern hemisphere is this time of year. As we in the US begin putting on sweaters, you are in your bathing suits. Thanks for reminding me and it was fun to see how hot it was through your eyes.

First time to your blog through AEDM, but love it.

misteejay said...

How lovely to see such fun in the sun - especially as the temps here are now hovering between 1 & 8 deg.

Toni :o)

Ann Freeman (mafswife) said...

So jealous of your warm weather pictures, it has been cold and miserable here today. Spent most of it huddled under a duvet feeling sorry for myself!
Love your layout and that is a splashing, I mean SMASHING photO!!


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