Monday, January 10, 2011

BBQ at the lake anyone?

Today we met my cousin Pablo, his wife Valeria, his sons Santi & Martincito plus his sister in law Eva with her family (Darío & Maggie). Our meeting point was a petrol station (the ACA ) of Villa Mascardi.The Patagonia area is known for it´s big roses. Tati & the ACA flowers.
Lake Guillelmo. The kids on the beach.
The lake is cold as the water comes from glaciars.
The trees are coihues. They make a swishing sound in the breeze.
The boys making their first unaided fire at the pebble beach. Mati is very much into nature & adventure these holidays. He brought his survival books (Funny fact: one of them was a present from me to his dad when we were just dating) and his tools.


misteejay said...

What a stunning collection of photos Paula.

Toni xx

pluckychickenheart said...

Gorgeous! I wish I could have been a stowaway in your car. :o)


Anne said...

How absolutely gorgeous!!

Hope you are thoroughly enjoying yourself!


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