Friday, January 21, 2011

January 20th adventures:
El Bolsón is another village, this time south of Bariloche. I took this same picture last year. Including Tati´s right foot on the step. Yups. I checked my picture file before leaving. :D I do that kind of thing. :) El Bolsón is "the" place to go for arts & crafts in the Patagonia. The fair is huge. Can you see the old church through the wood sign center?
My favourite stand. Elves and fairies are a great part of the local folklore.
These tiny paints were cool, specially the ones with 3D effects.
What hubbie had for lunch: ham with sweet potatos puree and pickled local red fruits. I loved the tiny wild flower as a decoration.
Today´s weather was nice enough for another bbq by the Guillelmo lake. On the north side of the lake you´ll find these cane galleries. Wonderful wet grass and trees smell. Unusual birds singing.
Dan making fire for lunch.
Mati trying out his fire making skills.
Tati making a story with her dolls and her camera.
Paula taking pictures of birds standing on trees. Can you spot our new friend?


misteejay said...

Paula you have taken some wonderful photos. Great having the same shot as last year so you can compare.

Toni xx

Cath x said...

Wow, looks an amazing place Paula!

Anonymous said...

Patagonia looks like heaven on earth. Your family certainly knows how to enjoy this beautiful planet.

Anne said...

Looks like you're having a fabulous time. That fair looks amazing!


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