Sunday, March 20, 2011

Super Moon Full Moon Board

In 2011 I´m making all my Full Moon Boards out of images & words out of the current issue of the Oh La La magazine.

For this Super Moon in March, I chose the I *heart* my style section cover page. I added some coloured pencils (same brand I bought this year for my kids´s school kit).

Of course FB is showing up again. (Note: I know ONLY ONE of my 15 year old son´s friends has his mother as friend there, even when I am certain some of the moms have an account so I didn´t request him. I´m glad to say he requested me. That brought a dilemma: did I accept him in my fun, sassy, sometimes slightly insane account, full of artsy friends from around the globe where I could say something ... well ... you know ;) or the verrrrrrrry boring local account with less than a dozen names and no updates? )

Starbucks, jewelry, make up. Very femenine, isn´t it? And a "What is good for you, is inside you" sign. Oh, a pretty cloud with the word fun. I think I answered my own previous question there. Lol!
On the other side. In case you don´t know/remember: I work in school type folders for my boards, very portable. B&W ad with a clothing style I love. The words: new, cultural move/art/music, fall winter 2011, chosen, activate your inspiration now.
More of my Wishcasting Journal by Jamie Ridler pages: lots of places I wish to go to. I started locally in my neighbourhood and enlarged the area to the city, then the country and finally the world. I mention Karen in the UK because I always drool at her local pictures and I´m in love with Prince Edward Island since Suzie went there.


Scrapdolly said...

I love that I was mentioned sweetie.
I'll add my wish to yours. I would so love to show you round my little corner of the world as it would mean I'd get to meet you. xxx

misteejay said...

Love the way your journal is progressing.

Toni xx

Anne said...

This journal looks like so much fun. It's fun for me to watch and it certainly looks like you're enjoying creating it!


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