Sunday, April 03, 2011

March update

Arts & crafts:

Four weeks of Jamie Ridler´s Wishcasting Journal It is becoming more and more an art journal.
My local painting class. From a wooden frame, to a base layer, to 3D decoupage to patina. Plus more base layers.
The dragon has started moving again. (That is my cross stitch project).

1. Back to school. Breakfast in the backyard.
2. Kowalski is my favourite Madagascar pinguin and I got him with my Happy Meal. ;)
3. Books for school.
4. Wish #02
5. Summer is officially over. Putting the kid´s swimming pool away.
6. Sunday lunch at my in laws. Tati and Candela.
7. Lunch by the river with my cousin and his family.
8. Our first local Starbucks!
9. Tati was one of the girls chosen to raise the flag.
10. Learning decoupage.
11. Train ticket and subway (metro) ticket to go to my mom´s place.
12. I used my new waffle maker that I got for my birthday.
13. Sunday lunch again. Dan with our niece V and Tati.
14. The Bayblades are back! I so wanted to have my hair cut as Kai.
15. Wish #03
16. Bianca´s birthday. She is Tati´s best friend´s younger sibling.
17. Laerning painting with oils.
18. All the primary school teachers were introduced at the parents/teachers meeting.
19. Daniel getting Tati´s room shade on.
20. My mother in law´s birthday.
21. Base layers.
22. My car has travelled 33333 km. I had gone for 4.5 km after the last gas top up. I love this kind of numbers.
23. Coffee morning with my friend Sabine at Kaffee Kaltsch.
24. The kids got the dvd players ready for the trip.
25. Santa Rosa, La Pampa.
26. Lara came for a play date.
27. Autumn flowers at my in laws.
28. New batteries for the phone.
29. Lunch with Dan at La Brava.
30. Bought our friend´s Silvina birthday present.
31. The frame is ready.


Her Speak said...

WOWZA! You have been busy! Love seeing all these projects in motion. Thank you for sharing. :)

Much Joy~*

misteejay said...

Some great photos there Paula - you seem so busy.

Toni xx

Anne said...

What a great month you've had. So nice to summarize it like that so you can really see what you've accomplished and how much has happened during the month. Your journal looks lovely!


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