Saturday, May 21, 2011

The day the World didn´t end

May 21st, 2011. Well past 6pm and the world is still as usual.
To begin with, let me say that we didn´t buy into this man knowing what Angels in Heaven and the Son didn´t.
That being said, the "What if?" hype around the planet was a good occasion to reflect on how we live. What we have done, our daily routines, our relationships. And of course it lead us to think what we could be doing in the future. It is not too late to change some things, to do more, to do differently.

We, as a family, started at home. Picture of the kids going through their old toys, making heaps to give to younger relatives/friends or to donate.
Hubbie, doing the same with his toys.
You kept that for HOW LONG? The kids´s school is part of a recycling programme for plastic bottles caps. I keep ours in a jar in the kitchen. When the jar is full I put them in a bag ... in the laundry room. From what we could read on the caps I´ve been putting off taking them to school for about ... three years. *blush* Time to get into action!


Gloria said...

Great idea to go through ones things and discard what is not used. Someone else can always use it. I'm still alive too:)

misteejay said...

I'm still alive too **waves to Paula**

Looks like you've all been having a good sort-out so something very positive.

Enjoy your weekend

Toni xx

art2cee2 said...

Did anyone really buy into that guys theories. :-)

Serena said...

A good declutter is good for the soul and passing it on to those in need is even better. xo

priti.lisa said...

I am high-fiving you right now...presuming to know what the Angels and God have decided...Ha.
I love your family pics♥♥♥

Grace said...

Every day is a great day to re-evaluate how we want to be in the world. :) This was a fun post...

mtnmermaid said...

I was on a fun weekend getaway with my husband when the world was supposed to end. We laughed when the REM song 'It's the end of the world as we know it' came on. Then there is the line 'And I feel fine.' I spent the evening singing that. It was great to appreciate my fine life with fun time with my love. Thanks for sharing how your family thought about this and spent time appreciating life!


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