Tuesday, June 21, 2011

National Flag Day

June 20th is our National flag day, when the 9 year olds pledge their loyalty to it. The ceremony is very cute, with the youngsters in central stage. As June 20th was a Bank Holiday, the school organized the event for today.
Usually I don´t go to school events not related to my own kids but today Tatiana was a Buenos Aires (our province) flag bearer for the first time.
The National flag is carried by the Year 6 student with the best average grades, same goes for the German one (they go to a bicultural school) and the Buenos Aires one is carried by the child elected by his own peers as best mate.
Our school has around 70 Year 6 students divided in three classes. Five out of the nine honour positions available (including the three flag bearers) came from Tati´s class: 6° B. *beam*


misteejay said...

Ooooo, lovely 'proud mum' moment.

Toni xx

Maggie said...

That's wonderful! They look so spiffy in their outfits. Beautiful!!

Congrats, Proud Momma!

Maggie said...

And happy Flag Day!


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