Friday, June 17, 2011

Paint Party Friday #14

Welcome to another edition of Paint Party Friday! You can go to the original PPF blog to blog hop to other amazing artists from all over the world.

This week´s theme at "Happysnappy": "Get something finished woman!"
I have several magazine pages on the go. You can see five in different stages.
The boxes and the brush holder are as white as they have been for weeks. *innocent whistle*
BUT ... Ta Dááááá!!!
Tatiana´s necklace hanger is FINISHED and UP on the wall! Just in time for her first real lip gloss and nail varnish bought this weekend for a dancing birthday party. {Note: I know it doesn´t fit her actual colour scheme but we will be redoing her room by the end of the year in the hanger´s colours}
Here´s the whole process:
* Original wood. We opted to leave the flower out of the final design.
* Base white layer. Cut the decoupage papers. Decide positioning.
* Glue papers, sand borders, use masking tape, first varnish
* Very pale pink in between the images, darker but still pastel pink at the bottom
* Porcelain green shelf, Barbie pink hangers
* Second and third colour layers, final varnish. The back has been painted dark pink and has green wire to hang.
What next? Something from any of these magazines.

In case it is your first visit this month (or if you´ve been here but haven´t made up your mind yet ;) ) I´ll quote myself: I will be reading read "The Artist´s way" by Julia Cameron intro during June and will do the chapters from July 1st. One chapter each fortnight. Due to my crazy busy schedule doing a week a week is asking for trouble. :D The point is to relight my creativity, not to send me into a pit of dispair because I´m behind with yet another project!

If anybody fancies joining me and my friend Sabine I will be posting Check In posts on Sundays from July 3rd. :) I´m making a list of kindred souls interested in taking part of the fun, the sharing and the exploring. If you want to join us drop me a line in the comments section and I´ll add your name to the right hand side bar.


ileana said...

That necklace hanger is beautiful. They're my little girl's (she's actually 14) favorite color combination...a Claude Monet thing, I guess.

I can't imagine working with wood (too intimidating). Maybe The Artist's Way will relax me into trying something new! I just started reading about "the tools," in the intro chapter...and will be starting on those morning pages soon!

Btw, I once participated with Jamie Ridler and friends in the Trash Your Journal (or something like that) book. It was liberating! I should check in and see what she's up to lately...thanks for passing on the link.

Happy PPF to you, Paula!

Pointy Pix said...

Yay - the necklace hanger looks wonderful!! So good to see it finished and serving its purpose in a beautifully decorative way! Your wee girl must be very proud of her creative mum!

Christine said...

your necklace hanger looks so cute finished and up on the wall!

EVA said...

To finishing something! Congratulations! (I have a bit too much unfinished at the moment too.)

I may join in on your Artists Way project though as I read more I feel less connected to this "recovering" artist description she uses. But I still see value.

Netty said...

Beautiful necklace hanger am sure your daughter is thrilled with it. Happy PPF. Annette x

art2cee2 said...

the necklace hanger is PERFECT! I bet when the room is redecorated in those colors it will be just awesome! :-)

BahamaDawn said...

necklace hanger is very pretty!! looking forward to your artists way group!

misteejay said...

Hope you were able to have a productive day. The 'hanger' is just stunning Paula - congratulations on a job very well done.

Toni xx

Gloria said...

I think your necklace hanger is awesome. I'm sure your daughter fell in love with it. Thanks Paula and Happy PPF!

SHERI C said...

LOVE seeing the finished Necklace Hanger and your image with all the goodies making use of it. What FUN! HAPPY PPF!

Denni said...

YOU ARE ONE PRODUCTIVE LADY! I commend you on all you've accomplishd. The necklace hanger came out beautiful. Your daughter must be thrilled.
I always enjoyed the artist's way, I was just rereading it today. Going to begin morning pages.

Hybrid J said...

The necklace hanger looks amazing. Lovely color palette. Well Done!

brendathour said...

The necklace hanger is just gorgeous! I bet your daughter loves it! Sounds like you had a lot of fun creating it! Happy PPF!

NatashaMay said...

What a beauty! You did a great job. :)

amy said...

oh, you'll LOVe the artist's way. You'll just love it.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful necklace hanger and a great idea for a teen! Happy PPF!

Beverley Baird said...

Love your daughter's wooden hanger! It's gorgeous!
Am so lookoing forward to starting into the Artist's Way. As soon as I am done report cards (this weekend!) I am going to go over the intro and get back into morning papers.

Lynn Stevens said...

Paula, You've been such a busy gal, good for you, the pages look wonderful and the hanger for your daughter is darling. I'm sure she adores it. Be sure and share pics when the room is finished!!
Hugs Lynn

- hey bro! - said...

I love remaking and repainting items like this... Awesome work!


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