Thursday, September 01, 2011

Because it´s September

Update time!
This August´s mosaic could be titled: a sparkling month of Food and School. Lots of my Sparkles e-course activities, several school events and lots of food pics (even Frida´s food!) I missed only one day for the 365 project.
Leah´s totally optional theme for August has been RED. So here goes what´s red in my daily life:

This post has been written on my kitchen´s table. One (yes, only one) of my kitchen walls is red. My Sony laptop is red, as are my Sony headphones and Sony camera (notice a trend? ;) ). I also work with my tiny Genius red mouse. :D
My artist´s way project set is mostly red based. Some things are pinkish, some burgundy. The second piece from the left is my morning pages notebook. I´m on day 61 of 168. It´s only logical to be joining Jamie on her Morning pages for September 2011. Wanna share the ride? Check her post here.
This pic was taken a few minutes ago in my kitchen. This wall is yellow (can you see the red one at the back?) but my clock is red. I´m also dressed in red today. This is my final picture for the Sparkles e-course by Jamie Ridler to go with the one I took on the first day. I will be posting the final summary soon.
Talking about projects and sparkles. My eyes sparkled at the word "lists" on the project my lovely friend Kathryn posted she had joined. That would put this pretty red notebook to good use. ;)


misteejay said...

You have certainly been busy. Beautiful work

Toni xx

kikipotamus said...

How fun!

Dream With the Fishes said...

I like the idea of one red wall. A friend of mine did the same thing. All of 'em is too much, one is perfect! Love all the goodness you've been up to! Oh you've got me wanting to jump in headfirst on several of these with you, but I am holding myself back, lest I drop everything in the end. I am really really REALLY enjoying Chapter 5 of the Artist's Way!! Can't wait to share on this one.

Lynn Stevens said...

Red is such a striking color. I've heard men find women wearing red very sexy!
You know Paula I don't think I have a single red thing in my house. I guess I'm a bit boring.
Thanks for sharing!
hugs Lynn

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Hi Paula...Loving all the beautiful reds!! Such wonderful inspiring fun..shine on! Gorgeous talented friend you have..a beauty!

Ginny said...

I love all of your red. I have red sprinkled throughout the house. Most of my colors are very soft but I love how red adds just the right amount of energy.


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