Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My own Chapter 8 check in

For Chapter 8 I fullfilled my duties as a hostess, interviewing Mónica and Brianna and putting the MrLinky in place but totally disregarded my own work. "I don´t have time for this", was my excuse. I had to laugh when the description of this chapter´s work said (in a free form translation from my Spanish version): "We will investigate the manner in which we use our perception of time to avoid the creative challenges". Sooooooooooooo spot on!
My working table:
1. Morning pages: I didn´t show up ... are you ready for this? ... Ok, then. I didn´t show up SEVEN days this fortnight. That is half the days! Unheard of. And on three days I wrote half (or less) the usual amount of lines. I was avoiding this BIG time.
2. Artist date: this is the closest I got to one.
That´s hubbie and me with our niece and a giant colouring book. Picture taken by Tati. I sharpened all 74 pencils.
3. Tasks:
3.1.1 The dream: to be a well known Blogger.
3.1.2 The Goal: 500 followers here at Happysnappy, a storyteller with a camera, 200 followers at Paula en español (Paula in Spanish, just like CNN and CNN in Spanish ;) ) 800 Likes in Facebook, to be invited as Guest to another blog/site/event.
3.1.3 In a perfect world, in five years time, all that and more. What about a whole site? Some kind of event of my own. All that on line plus something personal, 3D style.
3.1.4 In this real world, what can I do this year? I´m doing that. I´m posting on a regular basis with regular features, I´m hosting the Book Club.
3.1.5 Now, same thing
3.1.6 The dream/the north/the role model: Be a well known blogger/recognition on my own (not as somebody´s mom, wife, daughter)/ Donna Downey

3.2. An ideal childhood. The only thing I´d change from my own would be to add a room of my own (remember that my Room was my father´s office?) and a bit of loud music. ;)

3.3 My eyes change colour with the weather. I change colours too. Some days I´m a very soothing blue, the voice of calm and comfort. Somedays I´m Nature´s green, nurturing and alive. Or a bouncy orange. I admit the grey washed away days are not that uncommon.
My favourite colour has changed with the years: blue, orange, green, violet. Maybe it´s red now. I have a lot of red stuff.

3.4 Five things I can´t do: stop cleaning, swear in public, feed only on coffee and cake for every meal, play on line all day long oooohhhh, errrmmm, can´t think of more.

3.5 Twenty things I´d like to do: just click on the Wishcasting tag on the right hand side and you´ll have a long list. :)

3.6 An ideal day here and now: coffee, cake and on line time. :D

3.7 I didn´t even write it in my notebook but I know EXACTLY what it implies. ;)


Anonymous said...

You did well with the tasks! It sounds like you know what you want. I was afraid to dream -- afraid to envision a successful future. I only did the one about color.

Don't get so caught up in maintaining the project for us, that you neglect your own journey. Your journey is important too!

misteejay said...

Sounds like you done lots so don't let the missed items drag you down and as Camilla said - don't forget your own journey.

Toni xx

Anonymous said...

Ah, I really enjoyed reading your responses to this exercise! I will be here rooting for you, cheering you on every step of the way for you to achieve your desired goals. I totally believe you can do this stuff, too. Don't fret about not doing the other stuff - the Morning Pages and stuff. Actually, that was a pretty decent attempt at an Artist's Date. You played with colored pencils! And it's activities like that - sharpening 74 pencils - that are perfect for getting you in that zone where you're in the moment and receptive to the messages from within, from Higher Paula!


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