Sunday, October 02, 2011

My own mid way Chapter 7 check in

By now you all know I´m the colour coded type of girl. :D Each chapter in The Artist´s way has had its own colour. I decided to pull the whole colour scheme together. Here they are:
Felt tip market for the chapter´s title, fine point for Tasks and pencil to underline the book.

Chapter 6 revisited. I have been paying more attention to what I was creating in the kitchen. I´m not a cool foodie like my dear friend Suzi, but she has inspired to introduce more variety in my everyday cooking. :)Layered salad.

On to chapter 7. :)
1) Morning pages: let me count them ... 6 ot of 7. Three real morning pages and three afternoon ones.

2) Artist´s date. Not alone but we went out on Saturday.
We had to take Mati to Tigre for him to go to a birthday party in an island, so we hanged out at the river side during the afternoon taking pics of nature and architecture (there are many very old, very rich maisons along the riverside)

3) I have read the tasks and done a few. Full check in next Sunday. :)


Anonymous said...

Color coding system is interesting. I think I'd obsess too much over not having my "special" color if I couldn't find it when I wanted to write! Glad to hear it is working for you. Good way to keep track of work from various chapters.

My Artist Dates often involve doing something with other people too. I am alone at home most of the time, so for an Artist's Date, I enjoy seeing friends and family.

Serena said...

Hi Paula,

A great idea to colour code the chapters as you work through them.

Very nice pics!

When I worked through the Artist's Way, I nearly always had a family member with me when I went on an Artist's Date.

Have a lovely weekend,
Serena :)

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Colour coding - neat idea. Sounds like the morning pages are working for you.

Scarlet said...

I, too, write in my book but I'm not as well organized as you...with the color codes and all. Great idea! It makes the pages more colorful as well.

I'll be posting something soon re: ch. 7. I'm working on my collage this week! :)

Have a wonderful Sunday, chica! xo

PS - Love your family photos!!

Robin Panzer Art said...

Wow color coding, I love it! Happy Sunday!

Theresa said...

Lovely color, lovely what you are doing. Happy creating.

Ginny said...

My artist's dates are almost always with people too but I do enjoy them when I am alone. Except for yesterday. My husband and I went for a photowalk along the lake. It was great for two reasons: (1) His breathing was so much better that he could actually enjoy the walk (2) the weather was perfect. Of course #1 was the most important reason.

Color coding is an interesting idea. I think I will try it.

Shionge said...

I love vibrant colours and we need that to brighten up our days and weeks and months and LIVES :D

Have a colourful week ahead dear friend ;D

misteejay said...

Lovely photos Paula.

Colour coding sounds a good idea - especially if you find it works for you.

Toni xx

Mare/TommyGirl said...

Love the photos and I love the idea of the color system. It sounds fun.

Congrats on all the work you accomplished and continuing to incorporate the previous chapters!


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