Saturday, October 01, 2011

September´s update

First week: new gym shoes for Tati // Daniel receives a mention for his work for the kid´s school // a bit of shopping // Tati´s best friend´s youngest sibling (are you lost yet?) birthday // uncluttering my jewelery (one bunch to give, one to recycle and another one to get rid of) // waiting for Daniel´s call // using Facetime from Berlin to Buenos Aires //
Second week: my monthly magazine Oh La La // Tati as a German flag escort for a school´s event // McDonalds treat (my son has a YouTube page featuring Bakugan, Pokemon and Beyblades, so he did a test drive of the McD version of Bakugan toys) // Mati getting medlars from my in laws trees //Frida wearing Tati´s headband // The Artist´s way book chapter 6 // Tati´s class theatre play
Third week: Daniel arrived from Germany // TGIF on a Friday // getting ready for 2012 // our niece V, Tati and Mati playing in the garden // what Tati will take for her school´s trip // chicken and corn pie for dinner // our young tree on the first day of spring //
Fourth week: new deco for Directv // Year 6 goes on a school trip // ten new acrylics // a trailer full of curtains // new plant for spring // varnishing my candy box // coffee morning with Sabine //
And there´s still some month left! colour coding my work // the kids are back!

My wish for this season is BALANCE. I see I got Daniel more into the mosaic (but left myself out! Must work on that). I see my work (well, that´s part of me). I see food and home and family and friends. Not bad for a start. :D Now on to October!

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Anonymous said...

Very cool mosaic! I like this idea! It let's you see all that was accomplished and all the fun that was had in the past month. It's a great way to acknowledge the month that's just past and make way for the new one.

I was JUST saying to Collage Diva how BALANCE is just what I need right now! Did you go and download her new and gorgeous journal page with that very theme?

Please don't forget to email me your address so I can send you your goodies (I'm at dreamwiththefishes (at) rocketmail (dot) com.


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