Thursday, November 24, 2011

AEDM 2011: Day 24 When I make mistakes on purpose

For Art Every Day Month I post every day what I created the day before. My working table on Nov 23rd.A couple of months ago I had created this base layer inspired by the work of Marizateria.
Today I revisited the mistake of using acrylics instead of ink. Why? Beacuse I don´t have inks! :D On Monday I had used acrylics which didn´t flow down as the inks in Donna Downey´s collage. And of course there are the INK blots that Leah Piken Kolidas does with ... ermm. you guessed: ink!
As Ok Go would say in one of their songs: It´s a disaster/ It´s an incredible mess/ but it´s all we got now/ Yea, that´s all we got.
In come the acrylics doing their best ink impression:
Drops pressed to form blots:
The mermaid was the first to come out to play.


Tracy said...

It's still looking good! I like the mermaid.

Do you have a thinner to use with the acrylics? That might help them with their "ink disguise". :)

Sandy Coleman said...

Thank goodness for "mistakes" and happy accidents on purpose,right? Happy Thanksgiving!

tammy vitale said...

WOW! that turned out great! I have some inks I use on my glazed ceramic pieces I don't like. A client discovered that alcohol inks will cling to glaze and remake it. But on paper they are dull and not much to my liking. These acrylics seem to work just fine - and being acrylics you can always thin them (the beauty of acrylics, they mimic everything else out there). LOVE that mermaid!

Julie said...

I just love mistakes like these! And of course I love the mermaid. ;) And the colors are amazing.

Serena said...

Happy mistakes! I love the mermaid ~ :)

Stacie said...

I just tried my first paint blobs last night, and I think I need to get some ink... It does seem that thinning the paint might work. It's neat that you were able to see the mermaids. :-)

Carol said...

The mermaid is cool!! You did just fine without the inks :0)


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