Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Full Moon of 2012

My title page for 2012: The world at her feet.
Background image, a yummy salad and wlots of words. E.g: Photograph by Paula, Buenos Aires (yes, pun intended ;) ), art, choose your book, do what they do, what this is about and what those who know say, etc. In case you are interested in the whole list, just drop me a line, k? 

Title page, side B A very spacious room, with a great view and two glasses of wine. Inspiration board. Extremely high heeled shoe. ARt and books. 
 Full Moon Board for January. Want to see more boards? Go visit the tribe at Jamie´s.
Of course it has a fresh salad, beach themed accesories and clothes. Words: what we will read, see and listen to, keys for 2012, What am I thinking?, summer season...
 Side B: writer´s Victoria Ocampo house and summer clothes and make up.
I know I will see more with time and that some images/words were left out and they will be featured during the month in my collage journal.


Susan said...

I loved peeking into your journal at your first dreamboard of the year. Mmmm....love that studio space. And do we have a little "thing" for shoes?
Sending wishes across the miles that all your dreams come true.

misteejay said...

What super boards - so much to look at and so much interest.

Wishing you a great start to the year.

Toni xx

Whitemist said...

the first full moon of 2012, i had to ask for a picture from another site since i do not capture good moon pictures on my camera.
Great thoughts!

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