Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week 11

As every Sunday this year (at least so far and hopefully for the rest of the year too) I will post my weekly summary for Creative Every Day. For third time in a row I have undertaken an "a picture a day" project, here´s Week 11. You can click on each picture to make it bigger. Every pic has been resized for  the web. 
March 11th (71/71): I usually enrole in a gazillion web seminars a month. This one turned out to be about 80% sales pitch, 10% how wonderful-you-are-darling-no-you-are-the-most-wonderful-ever-honey and the other 10% I can´t remember because I was on Auto pilot. ;) 
 March 12th (72/72): owls and arts corner. Nice name for a pub, isn´t it?
 March 13th (73/73): the "palo borracho" blooms near Easter every year.
 March 14th (74/74): Matias´s first train trip on his own. We live about 40 minutes by train from the city center and we usually stay around our own neighbourhood. My uncle Sergio knows people at the Stock Exchange here in Buenos Aires and he got Mati an interview so he could have a first hand account of what it is like instead of only seeing pictures from his study books.
 March 15th (75/75): The picture that wasn´t. After I took the intended picture of the day I put my iPod in my bag and accidentaly pressed the shutter button.  I liked this pic so much better! Local floor with cool shadow and a hint of autumn.
 March 16th (76/76): I got my 110th star in Witch Bubble Saga which means I got an extra life displayed at the top.
 March 17th (77/77): Easter bazaar at the kids´ school. The building on the right is the primary school and the one on the left is the secondary school. At the back we have two playgrounds, one is a football/handball/any game with balls court and the other one is a little green park.


Lynn Stevens said...

What a happy accident with the photo of the brick work. Their all lovely!
hugs Lynn

misteejay said...

Beautiful pictures Paula. I agree with Lynn...that was a very happy accident - the photo is fab.

Toni xx

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Ohhhh... I like this peek into your everyday life. I giggled about the 80& sales pitch seminar and the fact YOU went on auto-pilot. So funny!!

Yay for your not-so-little-one venturing into the city. I have taught my kids to ride public transportation even though we don't live in a big city ourselves. I want my kids to be able to figure it out, you know?

Glad to see you today as always!

Carolyn Dube said...

Love how the purse picture turned out so perfectly for you!


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