Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week 12

For Creative Every Day 2012, I´m taking a picture a day. This is my third time around with the Pic-a-day project. I´ve taken all of the 84 pics so far. :)
This is what we´ve been up to this week:

March 18th (78/78): for my brother in law´s birthday we wanted something different than a t shirt. We put some thought into it. Clothes? No. Hobby stuff? He has none. What does he do on a weekend? Wash his car. Bingo! We bought a tool box and filled it with premium car wash materials (engine cleaner, wax, wheel tint, the lot). I even got some Hot Wheels paper to wrap it. Success story. :D
 March 19th (79/79): just as I took a pic of my art corner last week, I took a pic of a corner of Tati´s desk. Love the cheeky monkeys.
 March 20th (80/80): my mother in law´s birthday. We went to her office with a cake and a candle. :)
 March 21st (81/81): Mati had a prescription for glasses and we picked them up on Wednesday. He is super happy with them. Whew!
 March 22nd (82/82): working on my "Guide for life" journal.
 March 23rd (83/83): for the first time Tati and three friends were allowed to walk alone at the shopping mall. Here they are walking away from me. Eeeeeekkkk! Vicu, Ari & Tati. They are growingup so fast. *happy and a bit concerned sigh*
 March 24th (84/84): hubbie going for a bike ride on a Saturday afternoon.
In other news: my give away is now closed. I will be making a list of all comments for the chance to win a My Memories Suite v3! If you are on Facebook, go check this week´s free kit. It is great to make your own new Timeline cover.


Shionge said...

Hey Hey Hey PAULA!!!! :)

What an interesting post and yes I do freaked out when my younger daughter, Shania went out with her classmates and even now....I will text her every hour or so if she is late from her stipulated time :) Ahhhh...all Mothers hehehehe... :D

misteejay said...

Fab fab photos.

Toni xx

Anne said...

What you said in your comment on my blog is so true. It's all about perspective. Thanks for that!!

And I still say that you do A LOT!! :)

Being conscious about taking a photo a day is such a great thing. I love that you're documenting big things and small. And succeeding at being creative each and every day!

Lynn Stevens said...

What a great idea for a guy who has everything. Even the wrapping paper (perfect)
lots of great photos.
Yes they grow up much to fast, if only they would stay little a bit longer. sigh....
hugs Lynn

Scarlet said...

Nice photos...and what a perfect, thought-filled gift! I love how you even wrapped the present in Hot Wheels paper.

These pics tell a story of a busy, well-lived life. Keep them coming!


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