Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Time Expansion Moment #1 & 2

Today's Time Expansion Moment begins with a small set of four questions that you can address by writing your answers in your journal of choice. There are two optional steps that follow, if you'd like to take the lesson a bit further, as well as connect with others doing the same.

Time Expansion Moment #1
Optional Journal Questions:
1. When you think about time, what is the first thing that comes to mind?
This whole post I wrote in 2005 about the white rabbit:
I´m late, I´m late,
for a very important date.
No time to say Hello Goodbye.
I´m late, I´m late, I´m LATE! 
2. What is your deepest wish, regarding time?
Actually enjoy what I´m doing when I´m doing it instead of living each moment a gazillion times in my mind beforehand. It is very tiring living the same day so many times.

3. What is your biggest challenge, regarding time?
Not to get scattered: one minute here, two there, one more here and so forth.

4. If you suddenly never had to worry about time, how might your life be different?
I don´t know. I really don´t.

Optional ARTsignment: Reflecting on the answers to the above questions, draw, sketch or a doodle an image that represents the role of time in your life right now.

The process:
 Still a work in progress:
Yes, those fireflies have a meaning, as do the wheels. More on that on Friday for Paint Party Friday.

Time Expansion Moment #2

Optional Journal Questions:
1. What words or phrases stood out to you in the short video. What do you most want to remember?
The EXPERIENCE of time.

2. What images from the video are standing out to you? How might these images be significant in your own time-shifting journey?
The drop. Too early to say.

3. When you think of moving beyond "time management" to "time re-imagine-ment", how does that make you feel?

Confused. I´m mostly a linear thinker, even though my lines might get tangled from time to time. I have strong structures that have been helpful so far but could do with a bit of updating/polishing/upgrading.

Optional Community Connection: Share some or all of your responses in the Creating Time Facebook Community by responding to today's posts, and/or uploading your image.

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Krystyna Rawicz said...

Thanks for the questions, Paula. I've blogged my responses And the sketch that arose for me. I've put a link to your blog, which I hope is ok with you


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