Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 17

For Creative Every Day 2012, I´m taking a picture a day. I´m a Happysnappy, a story teller with a camera. This is my third time around with the Pic-a-day project. I´ve taken 118 of the 119 pics for 2012 so far. 
This is what we´ve been up to this week and I´m quoting myself from my Facebook page:
I feel like a Disney princess as all kinds of animals have been following this week. An unplanned dog sitting gave me a new shadow, a dumb odd coloured dove camped in my porch, the tiniest cutest little mouse ever was chased yesterday around our livingroom and a cat just followed me home.

Sunday, April 22nd (112/113): we are dog sitting Candela (golden retriever) for ten days. Our Frida (weimaraner) is ready  to play. 
Monday, April 23rd (113/114): usually we see grey doves around here. From time to time some white or black plus a spotted few. This one is totally rare.
Tuesday, April 24th (113/114): autumn is here. Our house´s shadow covers the whole garden at 3.30 pm.
Wednesday, April 25th (114/115): Frida´s birthday! Yes, we got her a birthday cake. :D
Thursday, April 26th (115/116): Found poetry, based on what Quinn McDonald was doing.
 Friday, April 27th (116/117): finished my piece for Paint Party Friday.
 Saturday, April 28th (118/119): The Avengers in 3D at Hoyts Cinemas in Unicenter shopping mall. That is a whole lot of linking for your viewing pleasure, ;) Our tickets and the reservation code on Daniel´s iPod.

 As I told you last week, thanks to Anne from My Giant Strawberry I discovered {sunday snippets}: a collection of photos from your week. This way I can add the pics that didn´t make "picture of the day" but are still significant to document our family life.  Stop by {tinniegirl}'s blog for more or to play along! I´ll be playing too. :) And although the tagline is:  "No need for words.  Let the pictures tell your story." I´m full of words so here we go:
 I´ve been reading everything Goddess Leonie has got to say on gluten-free and raw foods diet for her Radiant Goddes E-course, starting on May 1st. I´ve been slowly changing our family diet and it´s been working great for us. Spinach and cheese pie in the making yesterday. It was chicken & corn today.
Family ready for the movie.


Shaz said...

You have had a really great week, haven't you? Gorgeous photographs, and I will definitely be following your Sunday Snippets.

SJ Scott said...

I just discovered Sunday Snippets last week, and I agree, it is fun to gather photos for it. Our days are about the same length, but summer is on it's way here.

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

I might have to challenge you to do it without words sometimes :-)

Thanks for joining in.

Cherie said...

No need for all the words, give yourself a rest ;)

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Lovely 'photo a day' ~ creative lady ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

Consider linking up with my blog hop today ~ Magical Monday Meme ~ ^_^

Carolyn Dube said...

Are you whistling like Snow White to talk with the birds and other animals? That's how it always seems to go in the movies. Congrats on the gluten free!

misteejay said...

More fab photos Paula - that cake looks very yummy.

Toni xx

Anne said...

Looks like a great week!!!


Your doggie is so cute (not sure I remember seeing a pic of her before). Frida is one of the girl dog names I have on my list.

Hope this week is turning out as nicely!

Serena Lewis said...

I LOVED your photo Sunday, Paula! How sweet that you had a cake to celebrate Frida's birthday. We did the same for Cody on his 1st birthday. Enjoy the healthier diet...I've been reading a fair bit lately about the benefits of a gluten-free diet.

Reece saw Avengers last week and he said it was great! Hope you enjoy it too.

Crystal said...

Cool photographs! Your pigeon must be related to mine! I thought that he was really one of kind, but I was wrong! :-)


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