Saturday, May 05, 2012

Week 18

For Creative Every Day 2012, I´m taking a picture a day. I´m a Happysnappy, a story teller with a camera. This is my third time around with the Pic-a-day project. I´ve taken 125 of the 126 pics for 2012 so far.
Sunday, April 29th (119/120): we turned the fireplace on this weekend. Frida has already claimed the warmest spot in the house. :D
 Monday, April 30th (120/121): Monday was a Bank Holiday. Daniel was in charge of the BBQ.
 Tuesday, May 1st (121/122): as the first 4 months of 2012 had been so pants I decided to declare May 1st as New Year´s Day and start over. Celebrations were in order, like lunch out (in our garden ;) ).
 Wednesday, May 2nd (122/123): it seems this New Year is better. I won a copy of Raw Art Journaling on line at Quinn McDonald´s (the author) blog. Thank you Quinn! And also thanks to her cat who chose my name. :) Are you interested in the post? You can read it here.
 Thursday, April 3rd (123/124): I joined the 29 FACES challenge. My working table.
 Friday, April 4th (124/125): May the 4th be with you! Lol. I had to, I just had to. ;) I bought Elle magazine to have some different input for my collage and specially to have the Deco magazine that came with it. We want to refresh our colours at home.
 Saturday, April 5th (125/126): Mati´s 2 years old cell phone stopped working this week so we upgraded him to a smartphone.
Thanks to Anne from My Giant Strawberry I discovered {sunday snippets}: a collection of photos from your week. This way I can add the pics that didn´t make "picture of the day" but are still significant to document our family life.  Stop by {tinniegirl}'s blog for more or to play along! I´ll be playing too. :) The tagline is: "No need for words.  Let the pictures tell your story."  Sitting on my hands heer not to be wordy. Please feel free to ask anything you want to know about them. :)

For the 29 FACES  challenge (more on Friday when they are painted):
 I discovered what wasn´t totally right about Face #2. The proportions were a bit off base. SO I copied an ad to learn the proper ones.
 But she looked a bit (actually a lot) zombified.
Softer version. I´ll keep working on her. :)


Sunshineshelle said...

Great post I feel like I've been on a mini holiday - the face & photos are lovely :)

Gloria said...

Hi Paula, happy weekend to you. Great post and wonderful pictures. Love the faces. Take care and thank you.

Shaz said...

Lovely photographs, all of them. Your drawings are so good, wish I could do that!!

Bron said...

Wow you have a lot going on...nice to take a peek. x

SJ Scott said...

Busy week for you all! Loved the little peek into your world :)

Jenny said...

Lovely sketches and post Paula... beautiful photos too... can't wait to see more of your work...

Jenny x

Carolyn Dube said...

What a wonderful week! Especially to start 29 faces and get a smart phone- I don't know how I lived without mine!

Serena Lewis said...

LOVED all your pics!! The Sunday Snippets sound like fun. Well done on joining the 29 FACES challenge. I missed the boat but get to admire the faces done by others. :)

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

A great collection of photos. Thanks for joining in.

Anne said...

Wonderful week, Paula! Love seeing all your photos and watching you enter the opposite season from me.

Great job on those faces!!

Thanks for mentioning me. :)


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